Here's what our Customers say!

Alex X. Maghen
Vice President Production & Technology

"As VP Production & Technology at Nickelodeon, and previously as Director of Technology at Viacom Interactive Services, I have benefited continually from Phoneware's services. They have an understanding of systems and technologies that goes beyond the purely technical into intimate familiarity with the needs of the organization which often exceeds that of those of us who actually *work* here! This is not just another group of techno-weenies who have no understanding of the business itself, nor is it some massive, faceless, inflexible consulting organization."

R. V. Manahan Jr.
Peoples Trust Bank

"Established in 1886, the Peoples Trust Bank offers traditional and innovative banking products. We pride ourselves on superior customer satisfaction and are pleased to find this quality in Phoneware. As president, I am charged with evaluating issues of security, information access, and service delivery systems. Phoneware enlightened us to the distribution power of the Internet and impressed us with their deep understanding of technical and security issues. We have great confidence in the web systems Phoneware is co-developing with us."

Leland Woodbury
Technical Director Interactive Technologies
Children's Television Workshop

"Phoneware has advised us on Web infrastructure issues and I have found them to be enormously capable and savvy folks. Their expertise in building large, customized Web sites is impressive; I haven't found anyone else who has the kind of experience they can boast. This is proving helpful to CTW in designing and building our current production platform and in making our future plans for the Web. Besides their technical ability, I have found their personnel to be both personable and accessible. They are a pleasure to work with and are able to make complex issues understandable not only to me, but also to the not-so-technical personnel that have to approve their plans."

Christopher Rywelski
Director Online Development Network
MTV Networks

"Phoneware has been contracted for the purposes of creating a unique development environment within MTV Networks specifically designed for online content creation by MTV, Nickelodeon and VH1... Phoneware's technical expertise is beyond reproach, their service and attention to detail unmatched and as such I hold them with the highest regard. I recommend them to all who are in need of services such as ours."

S. Edward Evans
Manager Network Operations
Viacom Interactive Services

"The remarkable thing about Phoneware is that they seem to be facile with so many different aspects of what we do here at VIS. From content development processes to kernel tuning, their expertise is not myopically focused on any single aspect of the systems they develop. Phoneware builds systems with a rigorous "top down" approach. Before the first server was configured, Phoneware helped us to explicitly define a process for developing and hosting Web based content. The entire architecture then became a natural extension of the processes we had defined. As a result, the systems which we have in place today are robust and intuitive."

Shem-Tov Cohen
Network Group Manager
United Nations Headquarters

" During the period 1993-1996, Jeff Schroder of Phoneware Inc., provided consulting services for the United Nations Electronic Services Division (ESD). Being the central IT division, ESD is responsible for the operations of the UN's Headquarters LAN (5,000 seats), Internet infrastructure and WAN infrastructure for remote UN Duty stations all over the world. Jeff Schroder proved to be the key person behind the design of these large UN systems. With his wide knowledge of open systems, and his ability to quickly learn new technologies, he helped us lay the ground rules for the LAN architecture at the UN. The next project where he participated, was the Internet Project. He participated in putting together the Secure Internet infrastructure, DNS, Gopher, Web and FTP services, at the time (1995) when these services where not available as of-the-shelf products, and everything had to be built from scratch. The main milestone of this project was the launching of for the UN's 50th anniversary, on 24 June 1995. The third large project undertaken by Jeff Schroder was the design of a comprehensive plan for the Global UN Wide Area Network . This thorough TCP/IP based design, enabled secure connections between UN duty stations, allowed the operation of major UN applications over the global network, and enabled headquarters to be an ISP for remote UN agencies. Jeff's devotion, dedication, and highly professional attitude are a precious asset to those who hire Phoneware's services to build robust, state-of-the-art networking services. "