United Nations

Designed global, secure TCP/IP WAN connecting UN headquarters (UNHQ) to offices around the world. Specified routing protocols and routers, DNS structure, SMTP E-mail structure, security architecture and firewalls (including Firewall-1), systems architecture, and application protocols. Co-designed and built UNHQ Internet connection, this includes a secure web server for the UN 50íth anniversary, Gopher Server, FTP Server, various Source Code Security Products, and DNS. Setup SNMP network management station (HP Openview) for 2000 Node TCP/IP network. Built an NIS+/DHCP/PC-NFS server used to prototype a full featured Unix/Windows Intranet (Solarnet). Built Solaris X86 based NFS server. Designed and implemented router access lists for Internet, and Lotus Notes connections. Administered Internet firewall. Performed Unix functions for 3 X Windows Application Servers. Helped grow the TCP/IP network from less than 100 nodes to over 2000. Helped subnet Class B network (Routers and Servers). Demonstrated full featured Intranet at Electronic Services Division Forum '94.